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Welcome to AB Dreams - UK ABDL Adult Nursery

UK Adult Baby Nanny Nursery, Sissy, Petplay and Diaper Lover Service.

AB Dreams Nursery is a Wolverhampton UK based Adult Baby (AB) Nursery, which aims to fulfil all your baby dreams. Nanny lovingly runs our nursery. Our aim is to ensure your visit to us is all you hope it will be. We will create a range of activities suited to your dreams, talking before the session in great detail about what you will experience during your stay with us. The nursery is well equipped to meet all your baby needs. The Carers have all had real child care experience and are used to looking after precious little ones.

You can be the pampered baby while Nanny feeds you a bottle in her arms. Maybe you would like to have playtime with Nanny, baking cookies and finger painting before being changed, having a bedtime story and being put down for your nap. Maybe you are a naughty little one who needs to be put back into your nappies and firmly disciplined by a strict carer. Whatever your dreams we can see them come true.

We pride ourselves in customising your experience to make sure you have the best stay possible in our care and making your little wishes come true. Its important that you are not shy about your stay, As a Nanny with experience I have encountered every fetish imaginable and have mixed them all up in almost every scenario imaginable. Its YOUR time, so be brave and describe your scenario in detail with us without fear or guilt or shame ( staying within the boundaries of law and remembering that we are a nonsexual nursery ) and together we can plan your perfect stay as my little one.


2015 Website Updated

Long overdue -not a major overhaul, its a few graphic updates and a few text clarifications and a general spring clean, but we moved servers to a UK hosting solution, finally after 10 years.

FAQ section HUGELY updated.

To reflect the wide range of versions of care that you can recieve at the nursery I have finally updated the FAQ to better reflect the day-to-day questions that I get asked in my email. There is now 7 pages of FAQs covering all topics from about me and my history to info about the other carers and nappy usage policies.. better get reading. :)


Opening Hours Extended.

We have decided to extend the nurserys opening hours for a further half hour - now until 7pm. To allow those office babies a change for a quick nappy change on the way home. We hope that we will be able to accomodate some of the little ones needs after a hard day at big boy work.

Nanny says :
If you are considering booking a visit these are important pages to read and understand.

About AB Dreams

Nursery Rules
Vsiting Fees

But if you're not sure about anything, any aspect of the nursery and what we do here, then please just drop me a casual email and we can talk through anything that you want to know..

Remember - There are no stupid questions, if they are asked honestly and with the right intentions. Its always someones somewheres first time and its okay to be nervous. Lets talk sweetheart.

Hugs Nanny xxx


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