Saturday, June 6

Brisbane Strip Clubs Checklist: Preparing for a Good Time

What preparations do you have to do before visiting Brisbane strip clubs? Surely, all it requires to enjoy the company of strippers is to go to a club with some money, right? If you’re okay with having a mediocre time, then sure, that’ll be enough. But if you want to have a really good time, it’s going to take a little more effort on your part. And, you better believe it that the extra effort will pay off.

So, to get your money’s worth, follow this checklist.

  • Did you choose a good strip club?

If you want to watch talented dancers who actually give good performances and worthwhile lap dances, then don’t just step into any strip bar. Do your research on which establishments in Brisbane actually provide good shows and have excellent strippers.

You want to go somewhere like the Candy Club in Fortitude Valley. This four-level strip club boasts the hottest dancers in sexy lingerie, guaranteed to give you a night of pure pleasure.

  • Do you look and smell nice?

Brisbane strip clubs are somewhere you want to feel completely relaxed and let go of your inhibitions. But that doesn’t mean you can go there all dirty and smelly. Well, maybe you can if security allows you to go in. But don’t expect to get any approving looks and plenty of visits from the strippers and hostesses.

In fact, many dancers have complained about having to give a lap dance to stinky customers. It’s one of the biggest turn-offs. Try to put yourself in their shoes.

A quick shower and brushing your teeth will only take a couple of minutes. If you have to go to the strip club right after work, at least bring a fresh set of clothes to change into. Have some gum or mouthwash to also freshen up your breath. The ladies will certainly appreciate your efforts.

  • Do you have enough cash?

Plan how much you’re going to spend on your evening of pleasure. Include emergency money for a taxi or rideshare. Make sure you bring that amount in cash and in smaller denominations. Cash is the preferred method of payment in most clubs. You’ll want to have enough bills for tips and don’t want to run out of money just when things are getting extra steamy in the club.

  • Do you know the rules and charges?

Is touching allowed or not? How much is a lap dance? Is there a dress code? Can you be alone with a stripper in a private room? What is included in a VIP booth package? Knowing the rules and charges in advance can help you plan the type of experience you can ask for at certain Brisbane strip clubs. Plus, it helps you to avoid breaking the rules and risk getting thrown out.

  • Did you prepare your backup?

In case you have too much to drink, do you have someone to call to pick you up and help get you home safely? If you run out of money while you’re still in the club, what’s your backup plan? Being prepared means you can avoid or have solutions to sticky situations.